Monday, November 4, 2013

Redesign Heirloom Jewelry

Marie received a garnet and diamond ring from her grandmother and, as a ER surgeon in a Chicago hospital, the style and setting did not fit her lifestyle. She fell in love with a bespoke mother's ring in our design gallery and requested a similar design in white gold using her grandmother's gems. 

Do you have heirloom jewelry that sits in your jewelry box simply because it's not your style? If you are fortunate enough to inherit jewelry that you {unfortunately} don't wear, you might want to give custom re-design a go.

Julia Failey works one on one with our clients to craft unique, one of a kind pieces of bespoke jewelry. Visit our design gallery and see how our customers have honored the memories of loved ones by incorporating family jewels in bespoke engagement rings and wedding bandsContact us to create a unique piece that tells your family story. 

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