Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guys Guide To Engagement Rings: Pressure Drop

How Do You Choose An Engagement Ring That Will Rock Her World?

Finding the perfect engagement ring to express your love for that special person in your life can be a daunting task. It’s a symbol of your love for your girlfriend, and it’s a token of your willingness to take the relationship to the next level. The pressure is on. For many men, the purchase of their lady’s engagement ring is their first trip into the wild world of jewelry.  Never fear, gentlemen. I’ve put together the Guys Guide To Engagement Rings series to help you purchase an engagement ring that that will rock her world.

Harness Your Inner Bond. James Bond 
You want to pick a ring that fits your woman’s unique style and preferences. When you’re with your girlfriend, take note of the type of jewelry she wears. Does she like simple, understated pieces? Favor big, glitzy statement pieces?  Have a flair for vintage jewelry?  

If you're unclear, take her shopping. The key to this is to go under another pretext. Tell her you need to go to the mall to look for some new shoes and that you’d like her to come along. When you’re walking to the department store, tell her you want to stop and look at some watches. While you’re busy pretending to be interested in a Rolex, dimes to donuts your gal will be looking at the rings. Look at what she’s gazing at. Make a mental note of it. Say something casual like, “That’s a nice one,” and gage her reaction. Go back to looking at watches. Mission accomplished.

Size Her Up
No newly engaged woman wants to leave her brand new engagement ring with a jeweler for sizing – even it that means only for a few hours. So how do you find out her finger size beforehand?
The most direct route? Ask. Casually bring up rings or ring sizes in conversation and ask her what hers is. If you want to surprise her, you have to use some devious means. Swipe a ring from her jewelry box while she’s getting ready in the bathroom or recruit one of her friends to pocket a ring while she’s over her house. Use our Ring Guide to measure the ring or take it into a jeweler to find out her size. 

Get In On Girl Talk
As much as you might like to keep your impending engagement a secret, her girlfriends, sisters, or mother are all great resources for advice & feedback on your ideas. Unlike men, women talk and share what they want and what they need. A chat with the women in her life is the most useful research you can conduct. 

Follow Your Instincts
Who knows your girl better than you? Remember that she is in love with you and not the ring. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but the real reason for her excitement is she’s just been asked to spend the rest of her life with you.