Monday, August 15, 2011

San Antonio Wedding Weekend

After a two-year sojourn with the Peace Corps in an elitist hotspot & rich cultural destination, Istanbul Turkmenistan, my friend Boo (known by others as Laura or Lola) moved to Dallas…and met Ryan. She had [soccer] moves he’d never seen. Taken by her mad skills on the field, Ryan knew this cutie was a keeper. So he put a ring on it.

Upon arriving in San Antonio for their wedding weekend, I headed to the Hotel Gunter to escape the heat & rehydrate. I met my college friends at the hotel pool and was greeted with hugs & Bud Light cans. We spent the afternoon catching up over the cold ones while wading in the pool and later had dinner at The Monterey

On Saturday morning before the wedding, I walked out of my hotel onto the San Antonio River Walk or Paseo del Rio, four miles of cobble- and-flagstone paths along both sides of the narrow San Antonio River. This charming river walk is lined with cypress trees and lush landscapes, providing a cool retreat for both locals and visitors.  I took a leisurly stroll past trendy shops and restaurants, abundant with margs & guac -- ♥ yum! ♥ 

Boo's wedding dress was gorgeous vintage piece also worn by her mother when her parents tied the knot.  The dress, detailed with little daisies, was lovingly and meticulously tailored to Boo ~ a perfect fit!
Between the ceremony & reception, my friend Elisabeth and I scouted potential wholesale accounts for Julia Failey jewelry. We visited  Sloan Hall Meadow  & Penny Lane and then headed to the McNay Art Museum to get the party started.

Boo had ten bridesmaids in blue by her side.  For bridal party gifts, she selected Bee Butterfly Charm Necklaces from our website, and I created a couple custom Daisy Charm Necklaces and a Dove  in gold for her Maid of Honor.
And we danced all night, tamborines and all...

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