Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Charming New Jewelry

Personalized jewelry creates an indelible memory for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new baby, and other special occasions. Combine unique gold and silver charms, initials and gemstones in a custom made piece for a loved one, friend, or yourself. 

May this Feather be a reminder for you or someone you love to embrace independence and create your own destiny. Live free & fly high.

This Star inspires us to reach for the stars and dream even higher. Make a wish.

The Dove is symbolic of peace and the power in optimism & aspiration. If we choose to be hopeful, we create endless possibility.

Fluttering in the air with a sense of lightness and joy, the Butterfly is light of heart. Wear this charm as a reminder to continue bringing positive energy and joy to the people in our lives.

Owls are symbolic of knowledge, introspection & intuition. The Owl reminds us that a loving and kind spirit is wise at heart.

Bees rule. Feel empowered wearing this charm, as Bees are symbolic of royalty, wealth & good luck.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is made with 100% recycled silver or gold vermeil & stamped by hand in our studio. Charms measure ½” on 16” flat link chain.