Monday, November 16, 2009

Jewelry Photography

In an online jewelry business, 100% of the merchandise is sold based on visual impact and interest in any particular item. If the photography is less than perfect, a customer is less likely to make a purchase.

The size, scale, and surface of jewelry make it extremely difficult to achieve good photographic results. I made several attempts to photograph my pieces for I originally purchased a lightbox from MK Digital Direct, but I had trouble adjusting the light and camera settings to depict the depth and detail in the jewelry in a white environment.

I was beginning to get frustrated with my attempts to achieve successful results when Liam Strain contacted me with a request for a custom wedding band. While discussing design ideas for the ring, he shared his insight and experience with jewelry photography. Our meeting enabled us to exchange creative services ~ I created a wedding band for his wife and he photographed my jewelry.

Liam Strain's experience and commitment to the environment are reflected in the photographs. The marble and organic surfaces he used were appropriate choices for depicting my jewelry and representing my company. I highly recommend Streetlevel Photography!