Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Opals

"Made up of the glories of the most precious gems, to describe them is a matter of inexpressible difficulty. For there is amongst them the gentle fire of the ruby, there is the rich purple of amethyst, there is the sea green of the emerald, and all shining together in an indescribable union. Others, by an excessive heightening of their hues equal all the colours of the painter, others the flame of burning brimstone, or of a fire quickened by oil." - Pliny the Elder on Opals

The ancient Romans believed a person who wore the opal was protected from disease, and opals were often set into the crowns and necklaces of rulers who believed its healing powers would ward off evil. Today, the gift of opal conveys a message of faithfulness, protection and loyalty. 

Opal is October's birthstone and the traditional gem for the 14th wedding anniversaries, but we don't need a special occasion to celebrate these unique gems.