Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Greening Your Wardrobe

Being a conscious consumer and dressing with style are not mutually exclusive. You know that adage about trash and treasure? Recycle clothes in good condition by hosting a clothing swap  or donating them to a charity . If they’re not wearable, contact your local recycling center to see if they’ll take textiles. You can also try local humane society or animal shelter ~ they’ll often use old sheets, clothes and blankets for pet bedding. To refresh your Spring wardrobe, look to sustainable designers like Lara Miller, Mountains of the Moon, Frei Designs and vintage stores for unique, sustainable style.

Here are some of our recent fav vintage finds....

Eco-savvy fashion choices mean not only reducing post-consumer refuse, but also pre-consumer waste and pollution. Through smart wardrobe management and consumer choices, you can cut down on closet clutter, support clean industry, and look fabulous. 

What's your closet's carbon footprint? Test yourself on how much you know about your threads.