Monday, April 19, 2010

A Green Piece

I first knew of Renee Sweany as co-founder of Green Piece Indy, a twice-weekly email with tips on living greener in Indianapolis. When we met in-person at Thanksgiving, she was wearing our Gemstone Vine Ring in Silver as her engagement ring! (Renee’s ring is set with diamonds)

Over the proceeding months I worked with the engaged couple to create their wedding bands. Renee originally wanted a band on each side of her engagement ring with recessed areas to fit the thorns on the inside & flush on the outside. As I began making the model, I wasn’t satisfied with the design and felt the thorns weren’t pronounced enough to fit inside the bands.

I proposed to that we place thorns on the inside and keep the outside of the bands flat to ‘frame’ the engagement ring. Renee provided feedback, and I cast the bands in reclaimed Sterling Silver.

The finished the bands with a high polish, providing a nice contrast to the light brush finish on the engagement ring. Chris will wear a flat band in reclaimed sterling silver with a brush finish.

The happy couple will marry this spring at Indianapolis City Market, a historic building that celebrates local heritage, people & food ~ an appropriate setting for the union of two people who take pride in doing good for the planet!

Green Piece Indy provides eco-friendly tips & local resources to help Indianapolis residents make our air, water, and land a little cleaner. Sign up here to learn more!