Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chicago Fashion Foundation Interview

Jennifer Burrell at Chicago Fashion Foundation contacted me for insight into the marketing practices that have been most effective for my businesses. The interview was printed as follows in the CFF February Newsletter.

With a B.A. in Art, an apprenticeship with a master jeweler in Maui and graduating at the top of her class at the Geological Institute of America, Julia Failey may have one of the most impressive backgrounds of any jewelry designer that you know. Her passion for jewelry and solid foundation in design, gemology, and fabrication led to the creation of Julia Failey Jewelry, based in Chicago. Julia’s business is built on the concern for the preservation of natural resources and responsible consumption. The jewelry, which reflects heavy nature inspired influence, is made of deoxidized sterling silver and alloyed with tin instead of copper, making it both tarnish resistant and easily recycled. Failey’s business philosophy is also smartly infused in her marketing, making for a very well rounded and focused marketing campaign. For example, Failey proudly supports
organizations that share her commitment to make our world a sustainable place, such as the Peggy Notebeart Nature Museum and Green Exchange. In addition, Failey noted that charity based events have been an important marketing tool, especially in today’s economy. Failey states, “Events that cater to a cause have been very helpful for us. It helps when people know that (through their purchase) they are supporting a worthy cause”. In addition, Failey has also garnered attention for her line in numerous publications including Los Angeles Confidential, Daily Candy and Michigan Avenue Magazine. Influenced by her love of nature and the great outdoors, Julia Failey’s collections are fashionably fresh and timeless; while at the same time remind us of the importance of the preservation of our natural resources.