Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is Vermeil?

Vermeil (pronounced ‘vehr-MAY’) is a gold plating process developed in France in the mid-1700s. To qualify as vermeil, the base metal must be 92.5% sterling silver with a minimum 10 karat gold plating at least 2.5 microns in thickness.
Julia Failey jewelry is available in both 18K gold & rose gold vermeil, allowing our customers to purchase the luxurious look of gold at a more affordable price.  Gold vermeil by definition cannot contain other metals, making it a safe choice for people with nickel or other metal allergies.
Rose Gold Art Deco Filigree Ring

While it is more tarnish-proof than sterling silver, vermeil must be cared for properly to retain its luster. If properly cared for, gold vermeil will last for many years without tarnish.
  • Store in an airtight container (such as a ziploc bag) or in a box with an anti-tarnish strip. Take care not to store it with other jewelry that can potentially scratch the metal. 
  • Do not wear your vermeil jewelry while bathing, showering, swimming or applying perfume or hairspray. The alcohols contained in these sprays can seriously damage your vermeil jewelry.
  • Do not machine-polish (typically done by a jeweler). Use a soft, clean cloth to remove dirt and oils. 
  • gives a great step-by-step process for cleaning your vermeil with silver cleaner and cotton swabs.
Gold Art Deco Earrings
Julia Failey offers one complimentary re-plating to customers who purchased a 18 karat gold & rose gold vermeil piece at If you would like to have your piece re-plated, please contact us.