Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift Cards: The Gift Of Choice

Gift Cards tend to have a reputation for being impersonal, but I would much rather get a Gift Card than something I can't use. Here are the top reasons to choose Julia Failey Gift Cards for people on your list.

· Gift Cards guarantee gifts people will love.  They give recipients the freedom to choose what they want and relieve you of the stress of finding something perfect for everyone on your list.

· You don't have to leave your house to do your holiday shopping on our website. Last-minute shoppers can rest at ease knowing they can send e-gift cards at the eleventh hour on a holiday.

· If you are purchasing gifts for a lot of people, Gift Cards can save money by enabling you to budget a dollar amount for each card. This can also prevent arguments over which cousin got the better gift (because everyone gets the same amount of money) and saves you the time spent shopping for each person.

· If you know the person well, you will know exactly where they like to shop. It's always nice to know that you are giving loved ones something they will enjoy.

Save your sanity this holiday season ~ go for the Gift Card.