Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Greener Way To Shop

With a “commitment to contribute to a more sustainable environment” & Karl Lagerfeld's capsule collection set to launch this fall, there's a new "way to shop" Macy's.

Macy’s recently announced that they will switch to 100% recyclable material for their 43 million shopping bags & use biodegradable packaging for online shipments. They will also start using matte black hangers made from recycled plastics for most apparel sold in stores, replacing the standard clear plastic hangers that incorporate petroleum-based resins. Macy’s uses nearly 300 million hangers each year and will ask vendors to ship on black hangers this fall with the transition expected to be done by next spring.

Macy's go-green efforts will also include the following:
  • Install self-serve electric vehicle charging stations through The EV Project outside six stores in the San Diego area this fall. 
  • Sell reusable tote bags for $3.95 with $1 going to the National Park Foundation.
  • Become a “recyclebank rewards partner” offering discounts to shoppers when they register for the program at recyclebank.com and recycle and reduce home energy use. 
  • Launch phase two of its energy-saving LED lightbulb program in stores. Macy’s plans to install 280,000 LED bulbs in about 200 stores, in addition to the 130,000 bulbs installed in 95 Macy’s stores last year. 
  • Eliminate foam packaging (cups, bowls, plates and to-go containers) at in-store restaurants. Foam has been replaced by paper or plastic containers made from renewable or recyclable materials. Also, Macy’s will be using napkins made from 40 percent recycled and unbleached paper. Macy’s uses more than four million napkins a year. 
  • Increase the number of solar power systems at stores and other facilities. 
  • Encourage credit customers to receive bills online, rather than paper statements (WWD.com)
Karl Lagerfeld photo by Steffi Schuetze