Monday, September 21, 2009

Julia Failey MANuary Cufflinks

Julia Failey has partnered with MANuary by creating customized cufflinks to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation. 100 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of these cufflinks goes directly to the cause. Available at

MANuary: The Story

While on a run in Central Park, two friends, Ryan Hutto & Tom Murphy, rehashed the events of their weekend. Tom shared a story from a dinner party about a charity event in Australia, Mo'vember, which supported Men's Health Issues by encouraging gentlemen to grow Mustaches for the month of November. Before Tom could finish the story Ryan had decided that they would launch the American version, MANuary! Thinking a runner's high had kicked in for Ryan, Tom agreed but never thought anything would materialize. However, always a man of his word, Ryan had sent out an email to all of their friends announcing the launch of MANuary 2007 before Tom had even returned to his apartment! In three short years, not only have the mustaches grown in thicker but MANuary has grown exponentially. Most recently, hosting a west coast celebration party on top of their annual NYC event. (2010 has its sights set on adding Boston and Chicago.) The hard work (all-be-it fun and eye catching!) of Ryan and Tom has not only helped this generation become more educated about prostate cancer and the many efforts to fight this killer but continues to raise donations to ensure that the work towards a cure remains steadfast.